The Game Master’s Sci-Fi Toolkit

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The Game Master's Sci-Fi Toolkit is the perfect tool for a GM faced with creative block while planning a sci-fi session, unexpected player questions at the tabletop, or a fluky dice roll that changes the course of their carefully-planned boss battle.

Ensure your next sci-fi RPG adventure becomes an unforgettable odyssey by adding rich world-building detail, unexpected encounters and imaginative loot with over 100 pages of random tables.

Format: Book + PDF
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What's Inside?

Ships and Personnel

Character names and behaviours, organisation names, campaign ideas, spaceship features and more.

Universe Expansion

Solar system builder, planet leaders and economies, breaking news, trading posts, futuristic food and drink, shore leave plans and more.

Travel and Encounters

Spacewalk complications, ship malfunctions, dreams and visions, enemy generators, as well as encounters across a range of environments.

Combat and Injuries

Melee, ranged and spaceship critical hit/fail tables, stress effects, parasites and more.

Items and Rewards

High-tech weapons, futuristic objects, serums, alien flora, hacked documents, vault treasure and more.


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