About us

Roll & Play Press is an independent publisher based in London, UK. We produce quality content, accessories and gaming companions for tabletop role-playing games including Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and more.

Our Story

We’re all about making life easier for game masters, because that’s how our journey started. Our first book was born when Sam needed a way to quickly come up with content for the different campaigns he was running. Since then, Sam, Kay and their tightly knit team have been making game-changing resources for players and game masters everywhere.

Check out the timeline at the bottom of this page to see where we started, and where we’re going.

Meet The Team


Chief Creative Officer

Sam spent over six years working in the publishing industry as a graphic designer, creating books for the likes of LEGO, Star Wars, Blizzard and Marvel, before launching Roll & Play Press.

He is a forever GM and runs both homebrew campaigns and one-shot adventures for his friends and family, the team and the community.


Chief Executive Officer

Kay began her career as a financial crime consultant before qualifying as a lawyer. She brings her experience to oversee all aspects of the business, helping it grow and expand. 

In her spare time, you will find her watching Korean dramas, playing one of her expanding collection of guitars or recklessly endangering NPCs.


Editorial Manager

Beth has previously written and edited books about ninja, superheroes, space travellers and princesses (although never all at once) for Disney, Warner Bros and Star Wars and LEGO.

In addition to the books she works on, Beth enjoys tales of magic, history and anything involving a heist.


Marketing Coordinator

Before joining the team at Roll & Play Press, Pasha worked in both health and social care services, as well as education.

With a keen interest in books, she is an active member of the bookstagram community. If you don’t find her reading, she can be found learning to roller-skate.


Supply Chain Manager

Anni was a bookseller for a decade before moving into publishing. Prior to joining Roll & Play Press, she worked in various operational roles and gathered a breadth of knowledge and experience.

She spends her free time drawing and painting. You could also find her playing board games and escape rooms, tending her garden, or hanging out with her cat.

Christine Bollans

Business Administrator

Christine has previously worked as a Quantity Surveyor, Operations Manager and Executive Pastor. She loves working with people and organising stuff.

She spends her free time playing board games with family and friends, baking cupcakes, and watching crime dramas with Amy her pet beagle.

APRIL 2020


Sam, a book designer and TTRPG fan, had the idea to write a compilation of super-useful random tables and put them into one handy book. He worked together with Kay during lockdown to launch Roll & Play: The Game Master's Fantasy Toolkit on Kickstarter, to see if any other GMs would like the idea and pledge for a copy.

MAY 2020


The Kickstarter campaign went live on a Sunday night, with no marketing, no email sign-ups and no expectations. Game masters from around the world started pledging their support and, by the Monday morning, it was fully funded. Over the next 30 days, the project blew up, and more than 7,500 GMs jumped on board.



Sam wrote and designed Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit in his evenings and weekends, while Kay worked behind the scenes on the logistics. When the time came to fulfil, and work on the project was wrapping up, Sam left his day job to put everything into making more TTRPG content. That’s when they launched Roll & Play Press as an independent publishing company.

JUNE 2021


Over 2021, Roll & Play Press grew when Pasha and Beth joined full-time. The team released a wave of new products for TTRPG players, The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit won an ENNIE Award, and there were exciting collaborations with fan-favourite content creators including the incredible cast of Critical Role!

MARCH 2022


The team jumped into a new genre with the launch of The Game Master’s Sci-Fi Toolkit and The Sci-Fi Character Kit. Beth and Sam spent months trawling through NASAs website, vehicle schematics and UFO blogs to nail the sci-fi terminology. Meanwhile, Kay and Pasha built a network of retailer relationships to get Roll & Play Press products into gaming stores across the world.



The Roll & Play Press team head out to conventions for the first time since launching. They travelled to London, Manchester, Milton Keynes and even Germany to meet loads of creators and TTRPG fans. The books fly off the stands, and the team learn the secrets of surviving back-to-back conventions (caffeine and sugar).



The team push ahead with their quest to make it easier to jump into TTRPGs. They launch One-Shot Wonders and their Quest Journals stationery collection, and give the Roll & Play Press brand and website a complete makeover. Their community continues to grow, and even more projects are coming to life.