The Fantasy Character Kit

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Are you a game master looking to create awesome NPCs, hand out tailored loot to your party, or help your players make their most memorable characters yet? Or are you a player who wants to add more role-playing moments to your games, dig deeper into your backstories, and add unique twists to your characters?

By taking ideas and inspiration from the breadth of random tables within Roll & Play: The Fantasy Character Kit, your campaigns will soon be full of memorable characters and unforgettable role-playing moments that will bring a totally new dimension to your games!

Format: Book + PDF
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What's inside?

Random Tables For Every RPG Class

There are 12 chapters in the book, covering all your favourite RPG classes: 

Artificers & Tinkerers; Barbarians & Mercenaries; Bards & Performers; Blood Hunters & Mutants; Clerics & War Priests; Druids & Geomancers; Fighters & Soldiers; Monks & Combatants; Paladins & Holy Knights; Rangers & Hunters; Rogues & Lawbreakers; Sorcerers & Wild Mages; Warlocks & Shamans; Wizards & Enchanters.

Each chapter contains random tables to inspire original backstories, traits, clothing, weapons, magic items, party bonds, friends, enemies and other class-specific content.

Customer Reviews

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The book is really handy for character generation for a lot of fantasy roll play games.

We use it for d and d and it really helps to flesh out the characters and give you inspiration.

Well made book that will remain helpful for a long time as its not system specific.


Uses table & dice to generate interesting and unique characters very quickly, what's not to like?

As someone who struggles to make characters at the best of times due to indecision and trying to craft the impossible perfect character, something like this is ideal for when I need to generate a character for a one-shot campaign or on short notice. It can also be very useful as an inspirational aide when developing your next long-term character and has some genuinely unique elements to jump-start the creative process. The fact that this book can use dice is great as it takes away my personal agency in the character creation process and forces me out of my comfort zone and makes me expand my character pool into something I might not normally play. It also deeply satisfies my itch to roll dice for practically any given reason as a D&D nerd.

Tree Hugger
A great idea and serves many purposes

Initially, I wanted to check this out for additional writing inspiration but my other half is keen on using it to get back into D&D and has been reading through it with our youngest.
This is so accessible, both in its writing style and approach, and that handy spiral structure just makes it so much easier to work with.
The inspiration in this is jam-packed and makes this book well worth every penny for some long-term guidance.

Bubs & Puds
Use this if you've forgotten your realms already...

If you have played D&D no matter what edition from the very first (where I cut my teeth) to the latest 5th edition this should give you some inspiration when creating a character or a NPC for a campaign. You will need all regular dice D4, D6, D8, D10 (x2), D12 and a D20, as there are loads of tables you can roll on. So not only have you gone through all the character creation by rolling yer D6's for your Ability Scores, chosen your class and race accordingly. Now you can use this book to create a back story or even a name from a roll of 2 x D10s. I don't think my halfling thief looks like an Urrz...seems more Half Orcish ha ha.
Each class here has a section broken down into Backstory Inspiration, Origins And Goals, Appearance And Items, Magical Equipment, Spells, Quirks, Deities, Party Relationship, Friends And Enemies. Obviously most of the above are only applicable to NPCs, as I can't see any DM being generous to letting Lvl 1 characters starting with magical items...imagine that? The XP alone would boost you up some levels already ha!
But using the book as a lazy go to is decent if you can't be bothered to use the old grey matter, plus there is only so many things you can think of. This really does help to be honest.

Overall I'd recommend this book as a really good addition to any 5th Edition game, if you play first or second, most of the classes are irrelevant. But good none the less!

A simple and fun tabletop RPG booklet

This is a simple, easy to use tabletop RPG booklet that provides a lot of fun and inspiration. It's not an official DnD rulebook or other supplementary material, but it's still fully compatible with the world and is often vague enough to be applicable to more generic fantasy settings too.

The book is divided into 14 chapters about general fantasy class archetypes, with each chapter having a good range of suggestions for potential character motivations, personal relationships, fighting styles, preferred tools of the trade, and other trivia to flesh out the characters. These are a lot of fun, like rolling the dice to find out that the loud slurping noises your party members make while eating disgust your character, that one of your magical contacts is a young sorcerer who transformed their family into sheep by mistake (or so they claim), that your main identifying feature is that one of your eyes is covered by a soldered metal plate, or that your character always carries a bad taxidermy of a crow as a talisman.

My bard's song (which I had to roll for to piece it together from 4 sets of 10 potential lines) ended up being: "Under a huge stone archway; tourist with roads ahead; They heard an almighty neigh; simply gave up instead". So I really quite like this booklet, it made it very easy to come up with characters.

Some examples are less inspiring and a bit meh, and there were a few typos (it's instead of its), but it's pretty great overall!


Roll & Play Press was born out of a desire to create GM tools we wanted to use in our own games! Everything we make is designed to make life easier for RPG players.

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