One-Shot Wonders

Best RPG Adventure - 2024 UKGE Award Winner
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Over 100 session ideas, perfect for one-shots or side quests! Each one-shot idea is presented in no more than two pages, with clear, easy-to-navigate text detailing the story summary, key plot points, important NPCs, locations, rewards, levelling guides and more.

The ideas within this beautiful, A4-sized, hardcover book are suitable for adventurers ranging from Levels 1 to 8 (and a "Legendary" chapter for Levels 9+).

From classic tales of haunted towers, to curious cases of sailors turning into seafood, you are sure to find the perfect plot for your party's next adventure within this epic and varied collection.

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Helping you tell the tale

One-Shot Wonders is a lifesaver for GMs planning their next adventure, whether you're playing with RPG newcomers, hosting a casual meet-up, or want to mix things up with your regular adventuring party. 

This book provides you with the core elements of a story, making sessions easy to prep and easy to run.

The book also includes dozens of quick prompts with creative plot hooks, brief NPC and location descriptions, and questions to inspire your own ideas.

The ideas within this beautiful, A4-sized, hardcover book are suitable for adventurers ranging from Levels 1 to 8 (and a "Legendary" chapter for Levels 9+). While the book includes references to 5E rules and stats, the stories within provide inspiration for game masters of all fantasy RPG systems!

Customer Reviews

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Sir Garin
Take a chance, roll the dice

I have to tell ya… this thing is chock-full of incredible places, characters, stats & soooo much more! It takes the guessing game out of creating last minute adventures for your players too! This bundle was affordable and highly recommend all the DM’s out there to snag up these books!

Jes Z.
So worth it

Just ran "Trial and Error" out of this and it was wonderful!! Took barely half an hour to prep and feel fully ready to run it, and my players were so impressed by it.

Amy P.
DM life saver

Anyone who says this is too expensive is wrong, this book is worth atleast 2 official source books. A life saver, well written, well presented. This book is exceptional.

Derek C
Glad I bought this

Saw the ad in Facebook. Bought it. Read the first encounter and was like this was money well spent. Can’t wait to read more!

Cris E.
Thank you

For Christmas our adult gaming group pooled our money to buy my husband, the forever DM, a copy of One Shot Wonders, and it is now part of our invaluable tools set that we bring to the table. The ideas art and layout makes it so easy to use. We have used several of the adventures with the kids too and every one has been a huge success!

He ran the "Fight at the Museum" adventure with an hour prep time, and 35 minutes of that was designing and printing maps using Dungeon Alchemist. Frequently I will steal the adventure from our group to use with my teen group.

Basically, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all the inspirational content you have created.


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