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A festive setting is the perfect opportunity to run a fun game for your friends and family who are yet to experience the magic of role-play. 

PDF Book Only: The Game Master’s Christmas Essentials is a 24-page PDF eBook stuffed full of seasonal random tables to inspire a festive RPG session.

Bundle: The Christmas Essentials bundle brings our full-range of festive products to your games, including the 24-page PDF eBook, specially designed Playable Species, Monsters, Battle Maps, Magic Items, Audio Tracks, and more!

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The Game Master’s Christmas Essentials PDF contains a range of inspirational random tables, including: winter festival name generators, naughty and nice NPCs, seasonal quests and encounters, wintery locations, traditions and folklore, presents and loot, holiday-themed critical hits and much, much more!

It is compatible with all fantasy RPG systems.

The Christmas Essentials Bundle contains:

  • Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Christmas Essentials eBook
  • 3 x Festive Playable Species booklets (Tarandus, Grouchers, Snowborn) – 5E and Pathfinder 2E compatible.
  • Winter Monsters PDF Pack – 5E compatible
  • Winter Battle Maps Pack – 25×25 square, delivered as high-res jpegs (gridded and non-gridded) for virtual tabletop games.
  • 12 Days of Christmas Magic Items PDF – 5E compatible
  • 3 Festive Tabletop Tracks – Each audio file is approx. 3-minutes long and is designed to be played in a loop for background music.
  • 5 Festive Quick Character Profiles 
  • Festive Campaign Builder

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