Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit


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Containing over 120 random tables that are compatible with any fantasy role-playing game, this book is a must-have for game masters everywhere! The concept is simple, either before or during a game go to the table you need, roll the indicated dice (or choose a result) then look up the outcome to produce detailed content with minimal preparation. The book’s wire-bound design means it can lie flat and fit snugly behind your GM Screen, with the rest of your gaming essentials.

What’s inside?

Chapter 1: People and Quests
Character names and behaviours, ally and villain origin stories, organisation names, campaign ideas and more.

Chapter 2: World Building
Town features and local attractions, rumours, bounty posters, taverns, food and drink, festivals, games and more.

Chapter 3: Journeys and Events
Supernatural patrons, ghosts, dreams, traps, as well as encounters across a range of environments.

Chapter 4: Combat and Injuries
Melee, ranged and magic critical hit/fail tables, revival side effects, lasting injuries, diseases, blessings and more.

Chapter 5: Items and Rewards
Magic armour, magic weapons, alchemy misfires, potions, scams, plants, books, art pieces, chest fillers and more.

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