Where to Play Dungeons & Dragons in London

Where to Play Dungeons & Dragons in London

Dungeons, dragons, heists, druids turning into owlbears, paladins in shining armour, Chris Pine playing a lute… it’s no wonder Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is proving a hit with fans and critics alike. Has the 2023 D&D movie put you in the mood to return to the tabletop or are you looking to dive into the world of fantasy RPGs for the first time?

Whether you are a beginner Dungeons & Dragons player or an experienced DM, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite places in London to play D&D and other RPGs - and others that we’re looking forward to trying out!

Mutant Freaks

Perfect for: Beginner-Friendly Game Nights

Looking for a Dungeons & Dragons game in London? Mutant Freaks offers a meeting place for fans of D&D, new and old.

We love Mutant Freaks and their inclusive, welcoming approach to game nights! Book into one of their regular meet-ups where you can learn about character creation, be provided with everything you need to play and then join a session with one of their experienced DMs. Describing themselves as “the home of Dungeons and Dragons for players with commitment issues”, it’s also a great place for experienced players to get back into the hobby, without committing to the regular schedule of a lengthy home game.

Location: Elephant and Castle - Colab Tavern, 16 Harper Rd, London, SE1 6AD

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Perfect for: Cosy Community Sessions

A popular south London board game café, the Ludoquist shop sells many books suitable for beginner D&D players.

Ludoquist is Sam and Kay’s local board game café, so they’ve spent many, many fun hours here! The Ludoquist team run a variety of drop-in sessions every week, for gamers of all experience levels.

If you’re interested in Dungeons & Dragons, sign-up for one of their Tuesday D&D sessions, where “no dice or books are needed, just you and your imagination!” Alternatively, book a table and run your own game while enjoying their tasty pizza and bar snacks. You can even pick up a Roll & Play Press book from their well-stocked game library, and tuck it behind your GM screen to help with improvisation and inspiration while you play! 

Location: Croydon - 63-67 High St, Croydon CR0 1QE

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The London Wargaming Guild

Perfect for: Varied RPG and Wargaming Offerings

London Wargaming Guild also has options available for people looking for an online D&D group.


Sam used to be a regular GM at LWG, and it's also where he met his current homegame party! Offering wargaming and RPG sessions, the Guild offer a huge number of regular games for their 1000+ members, so there’s sure to be something to enjoy. They pride themselves on “keeping it friendly, fun, and honourable”, hence the club moto – “Victis Honor!” or “Honour to the vanquished!”. Check out their events page for the next open D&D session.

Location: Covent Garden - The Seven Dials Club, 42 Earlham St, London WC2H 9LA

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The Role Play Haven

Perfect for: Joining A Regular Campaign

Role Play Haven also has D&D clubs in Cardiff and Edinburgh. 
Role Play Haven offers the chance to sign up for 6 or 12-week long D&D campaigns, ideal if you’re looking to commit to more regular games. In addition to running popular Dungeons & Dragons 5E adventures such as Icewind Dale, Strixhaven: A Curriculum of Chaos and Candlekeep Mysteries, there’s also the option to try a game in a different RPG system, such as Call of Cthulhu, Blades in the Dark or Tales from the Loop. With volunteer-run branches in every corner of the city, check out each group’s individual calendars for upcoming sign-ups. The best news? Your first session is free! 

Location: Archway, Hammersmith, Lewisham, Stratford

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Perfect for: Hosting a Home Game

The Roll & Play Press team have found Draughts a great place in London to run a D&D game.

Take the stress out of hosting your home game by booking a table at Draughts board game café. With two central London locations, it's perfect for scheduling an after-work gaming session for a group who live in different spots around the city. We would strongly recommend their nachos – the perfect fuel for any epic encounter. You’ll need to run your own session, but that’s easy with one of the quick and easy to prepare one-shots for Dungeons & Dragons contained in our new book One-Shot Wonders

Location: Waterloo and Hackney

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Bad Moon Café

Perfect for: Epic and Accessible Gaming 

Try out one of Bad Moon Café’s custom gaming tables for D&D games, also suitable for many other RPG systems!

Bad Moon Café’s mission is to “create an inviting, comfortable and enjoyable experience for tabletop gamers”, and aims to be a venue accessible to all. The venue is open every day of the week, but we’re tempted to go along on a weekend or Wednesday to try out one of their 15 custom gaming tables. Each one is 6 foot long and features custom-built thematic terrain to bring your RPG adventures to life! Keep an eye out on Bad Moon Cafe’s social media for one of their special events, such as “Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons”.  

Location: Borough - 159A Great Dover Street, London SE1 4GZ

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Dragons Keep Roleplay Club

Perfect for: Friday Night Social Games


What better way is there to spend Friday night than joining a D&D club in London?

With a history going back nearly 20 years, Dragons Keep Roleplay Club is a firmly established RPG community that welcomes new members to their regular Friday-night game sessions. New members play for free, with reasonable fees for regular members to cover venue and equipment costs. Whether it is D&D or one of the other RPGs being run, the Club make sure there is a space in every game for new members to join! If you can’t make Fridays, the Club also runs regular game day events and other socials throughout the year.

Location: Chislehurst - Coldharbour Community Hall, Chislehurst SE9 3JD

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Whatever London location for playing Dungeons & Dragons you decide on, you’re sure to have a great time! Just don’t forget your D&D gaming essentials, like dice, rule books and notebooks.

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