[PRE-ORDER] Roll & Play: The Game Master’s Sci-Fi Toolkit


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Blast off into an epic adventure with over 120 random tables!

The Game Master’s Sci-Fi Toolkit is the perfect tool for a GM faced with creative block while planning a sci-fi session, unexpected player questions at the tabletop, or a fluky dice roll that changes the course of their carefully-planned boss battle. Ensure your next sci-fi RPG adventure becomes an unforgettable odyssey by adding rich world-building detail, unexpected encounters and imaginative loot with over 100 pages of random tables. Also available in a PDF format.

Contents include: Planet names and features, AI support systems, spaceship encounters, bounty notices, repair stations, stress effects, shore leave activities, alien leaders, parasites and their effects, chemicals and serums, cargo hold loot, custom weapons and so much more!

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