Roll & Play: The Fantasy Character Kit PDF


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Are you a game master who is looking to create awesome NPCs, hand out tailored loot to your party, or help your players make their most memorable characters yet? Are you a player who wants to add more role-playing moments to your games, dig deeper into your backstories, and add unique twists to your characters? By taking ideas and inspiration from the breadth of random tables within Roll & Play: The Fantasy Character Kit PDF, your campaigns will soon be full of memorable characters and unforgettable role-playing moments that will bring a totally new dimension to your games! Also available as a physical book.

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Random Tables For Every RPG Class:

Chapter 1: Artificers & Tinkerers
Chapter 2: Barbarians & Mercenaries
Chapter 3: Bards & Performers
Chapter 4: Blood Hunters & Mutants
Chapter 5: Clerics & War Priests
Chapter 6: Druids & Geomancers
Chapter 7: Fighters & Soldiers
Chapter 8: Monks & Combatants
Chapter 9: Paladins & Holy Knights
Chapter 10: Rangers & Survivalists
Chapter 11: Rogues & Lawbreakers
Chapter 12: Sorcerers & Wild Mages
Chapter 13: Warlocks & Shamans
Chapter 14: Wizards & Enchanters

Digital Viewing PDF: A full-colour, digital version of the book. Recommended for GMs or players who use tablets or computers during their games.

Printer-Optimised PDF: Minimal colour version of the book to save your ink, set to A4 dimensions. Recommended for GMs or players who use binders and paper during their games. To avoid your printer cropping your print-outs, we recommend printing with Scale to Fit settings.

This is a digital download.