Roll & Play: The Fantasy Character Kit (Bundle)


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Are you a game master who is looking to create awesome NPCs, hand out tailored loot to your party, or help your players make their most memorable characters yet? Are you a player who wants to add more role-playing moments to your games, dig deeper into your backstories, and add unique twists to your characters? By taking ideas and inspiration from the breadth of random tables within Roll & Play: The Fantasy Character Kit, your campaigns will soon be full of memorable characters and unforgettable role-playing moments that will bring a totally new dimension to your games!

This bundle includes both the PDF and physical book

Random Tables For Every RPG Class:

Chapter 1: Artificers & Tinkerers
Chapter 2: Barbarians & Mercenaries
Chapter 3: Bards & Performers
Chapter 4: Blood Hunters & Mutants
Chapter 5: Clerics & War Priests
Chapter 6: Druids & Geomancers
Chapter 7: Fighters & Soldiers
Chapter 8: Monks & Combatants
Chapter 9: Paladins & Holy Knights
Chapter 10: Rangers & Hunters
Chapter 11: Rogues & Lawbreakers
Chapter 12: Sorcerers & Wild Mages
Chapter 13: Warlocks & Shamans
Chapter 14: Wizards & Enchanters

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