Roll & Play: Fantasy Toolkits (Bundle)


Two books. Hundreds of random tables. Endless possibilities. 

Whether you’re a beginner game master or have been running sessions for decades, these books are handy companions to anyone planning campaigns and improvising at the tabletop. Simply roll on the random tables and your RPG sessions will soon be full of rich world-building detail, memorable characters and unforgettable role-playing moments.

The Game Master’s Fantasy Toolkit is filled with story prompts, loot ideas, random encounters for a range of environments, magic items, villain origin stories, town features, rumours, bounty posters, critical hit tables, diseases, weapons, armour, potions, scams, taverns and much, much more.

The Fantasy Character Kit features rollable tables for every D&D class, including outfit ideas to clothe your heroes, unique backstories, character names, friendly and hostile NPCs, personalised weapons, meaningful trinkets, spellbook generators, eldritch patrons, animal helper types, thieves’ guilds, holy book proverbs, and so much more.

Both books are A5 and wire-bound to save space and lie flat when in use.

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