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The Game Master's Notebook The Game Master's Notebook
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Meet the most helpful members of your party.

Effortlessly record your characters, worlds and adventures with our brand-new TTRPG binders and notebooks for 5E, Pathfinder and more.

The Quest Binder

Designed with flexibility in mind, our Quest Binder offers the perfect solution for anyone making TTRPG session notes – GMs or Players.

Its ring-bound design allows you to create a completely customised archive of your campaign, while the magnetic clasp helps keep your notes safely contained for years to come.

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common annoyances are a thing of the past

❌ Needing a separate notebook, character sheet and folder for paper and cards.

❌ Losing track of your campaign progress or what happened last session.

❌ Not having an alternative to digital organisational tools for in-person games.

❌ Regularly replacing notebooks that damage easily and quickly look scruffy.

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Instead, our Quest Binders give you:

✅ A practical storage solution for papers, item cards, handouts, a pencil and more.

✅ Ring binding that allows you to add, remove and relocate your pages with ease.

✅ Insert packs that will cater for your in-game needs for years to come.

✅ An elegant product that looks beautiful on the shelf or on the tabletop!

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Our new TTRPG organisational tools feature

Character Sheets

Hex Paper

Squared Paper

Storage Wallets

Dry-erase Overlays

Lined Paper

NPC Trackers

and so much more...

The GM's Notebook

The system-neutral Game Master's Notebook contains 100 pages of TTRPG notepaper specifically designed for GMs, including squared, lined and two sizes of hex paper, as well as sections to record worldbuilding and character details.

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5E Player's Notebook

This edition of the Player's Notebook includes a complete 5E character sheet, ammo counters, currency conversion tables, quest to-do lists, spell slot manager, custom list pages, squared paper, lined paper and more.

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Pathfinder Player's Notebook

This edition of the Player’s Notebook has been designed to support your Pathfinder campaign. It includes a 2E character sheet, ancestry feat lists, encumbrance calculators, quest to-do lists, custom list pages, squared paper, lined paper and more.

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